The current state of politics

Remember when, in the course of political discourse, there were arguments about the fundamentals of social and economic policies and the effects they would have on the nation?

What has happened when the political claims made by one side are complete fabrications created out of thin air merely to frighten people into voting one way or the other?

We all know that politicians have a way of coloring the position of their opposition in a way to make it seem like it’s a bad policy, but I’ll I’ve seen coming from the GOP/Right-Wing/Tea-party/Conservatives/Romney & Ryan is a constant stream of blatant lies. I know both sides have a history of distorting the truth to some degree, but seriously, the GOP is MAKING STUFF UP. They make up all this crap about birth certificates, death-panels, Obama being a Muslim, Obama ‘palling around’ with terrorists… they make up facts to support their wildly impossible economic plans, they make up statements that can easily be disproven with a simple Youtube search. They repeat the lie that over half of green-tech businesses the government has helped have gone bankrupt. They repeat the lie that Obama took $732Billion in benefits from medicare to pay for Obamacare. They repeat the lie that Obama’s raised the debt more than all presidents combined. They refuse to admit they requested stimulus funds when it’s proven fact they did. R&R pay lip-service to Americans, telling them just what they want to hear because somehow it’s a winning strategy. Never-mind facts, simple economics, studies that prove them wrong. None of that matters. People are listening to these two spout out their 20% tax-cut plan and thinking, “yes, that sounds great!”. They listen to them drivel on about the same trickle-down economic plans that have never worked. They listen to them claim that, until a Republican is back in the whitehouse, the size of government will continue to grow and the deficit continue to increase. Nevermind the fact that the deficit went down EVERY YEAR that Obama’s been president, and EVERY YEAR that Clinton was president, and that the deficit grew nearly every year that Bush 1, Bush 2 and Reagan were in the whitehouse. They claim that Obama’s a foreign-policy disaster, somehow forgetting that the last Republican in the whitehouse presided over the most devastating terrorist attack in history and started a war in Iraq that cost nearly a trillion and killed hundreds of thousands based on made-up intel and ineptly planned based on pure hubris. They’ll repeat the lies until people think it’s truth. Worked for Iraq, it’ll work when Romney claims he’s a champion of the Middle Class.

How can people listen to a candidate that has more changed positions than a porn marathon and know how he’s ‘really’ going to govern the country? How can people trust a man who told 27 demonstrated lies in 38 minutes during the debate? How can people look at a newspaper ad that says Obama’s going to force doctors into assisting homosexuals buy surrogate babies and think that’s actually true? The sad part is, looking at Romney’s poll numbers since the debate and the emergence of GINGPac, the Tea-Party and other extremist groups, too many Americans will see the lies as truth, abandoning all reasonable thinking and become puppets of the Koch Brother, mindless of the fact that they are simply pawns in the quest for billionaires to hoard more wealth. If their plan to repeat their lies works, and they install these two champions of the uber-wealthy in the whitehouse, It’ll be a really sad day for America.


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