A new feature film. More zombies, more cats.


I have written a new movie. Actually, it’s my first feature film script. It’s called Zombie Cats from Mars, and it’s currently in production. It’s also the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Here’s the timeline:

October 29th: Montetré and I are helping Rob Taylor move some giant trees for his film The Mad Scientist. We are talking about Glare. We discuss how hard it is funding art. I recall the premier of Holed-Up and how, after our premier there was a line around the block to see a collection of internet cat videos. I said “Why do we try so hard making a good movie? We could do Zombie Cats from Mars, and everyone would want to see it”. The idea was born.

October 30th: 3am – we had a plot outline, and Josh Mackey had drawn up a promo poster. We had an ad on Craigslist for actors. What?


October 30th: 10am – work began on the script. It took about a week to write the initial script. Montetré made some good suggestions, adding some crucial plot elements to the story. The final script was complete by December 2nd.

November 5th: The initial castings were complete. Throughout November we worked on pre-production, securing a crew, finding locations and finalizing the cast. We also contact Marci Koski, feline behavior specialist and volunteer with Furry Friends – a no-kill cat rescue organization.

November 25th: We launch our Kickstarter.

December 2nd: We acquire fake cat paws from Toys “R” Us.

December 6th: We begin shooting the movie, and it looks awesome!

So, there you have it!

Check out our: Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter!



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