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A Sexist Theater Company?

I happen to own a theater. It’s called Mister Theater.

I was reading a review of a show produced by another company, and the reviewer was encouraging the producers of that show to get us to change the name of the company to something less sexist. Let me respond.

The name, essentially, came out of a brainstorm for theater names. Since I’m Ryan, and my business partner is Montetré, combining our initials is M.R. Since we were building a theater, MR Theater seemed appropriate – pronounced Mister Theater. Since any company needs a website, I looked to see if MrTheater was available. It was… for like $1,000. But MisterTheater was available for $7, so we went with that.

Now, I understand everyone’s all about inclusiveness, and not offending anyone ever… and I am too! But apparently Mister implies that we’re a no-women-allowed theater, and that seems rather ridiculous.

Are people complaining about Mister Theater being sexist the same ones that complain about children being allowed to play with Mister Potato Head? Does Mister Softee only employ men? Are we boycotting Mr. Show? I saw a lot of women in Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Do we opt for a more inclusive plumber, or do we call Mr. Rooter? Would Mrs. Clean do a better job cleaning our floors than Mr. Clean? For those what like a bit of sexism served with their morning joe, do they opt for the Mr. Coffee? Why does Planters have to ram Mister Peanut down our throats? Why are people fine with burning a man, but not a woman at Burning Man?

While I’m on the subject, should I be offended as a man that one would assume Mrs. Field’s has better cookies than Mr. Fields? Is Dairy Queen only for women and men who wear ballgowns? Why not Dairy King and Burger Queen? Should that offend me as a gay person? I found this place in Denver: Mister Tuna.  Don’t female tuna matter?

I think the whole thing is just silly. Maybe it’s easier being offended by the assumed gender assigned to an inanimate object or a place that’s inclusive of any gender, sex, religion, race, color, sexual orientation than by… oh I don’t know, actual injustice in the world.

Oh, and how do people know Mister Theater isn’t a female theater that prefers to use male pronouns and honorifics? Would people be equally offended if the theater was named Mrs Theater? The kind of people that complain about the name of a place seem like the kind of people who carefully interject in conversation that their friend happens to be black, or who tell everyone about their trans friend and take great pride that they generally remember to use the correct pronoun. Yeah, I could see if it was named Whites-Only Theater or No-Fags-Allowed Theater [I’m gay, I can say that]. But it’s not. It’s named the same way as a potato-shaped toy, a plumbing service, a funny TV show, a crappy ice cream shop, a coffee machine, and what seems to be a pretty nice restaurant in Denver.

So, to wrap up, people should focus their energy on actual injustice and stop being offended at every little thing they perceive to be sexist that really isn’t sexist just so they can feel like they’re better, and more inclusive than everyone else.